M3D Micro Printer

So my M3D Micro Printer has arrived :)

Have to say it is pretty cool.

Set up was pretty straight forward. They have a couple of unboxing videos. I did remove the gantry clips but missed the foam.

The Getting Start Guide gives a good account of how to get up and running.

I installed the ink, incorrectly at first. You will definitely see the plastic coming out. My mistakes were to not keep feed the filament through while the printer was trying to load it. The other issue was I did not rewrap the extra filament that I had unrolled tightly enough so that it fit back in the space provide with enough room to rotate.

I then carried out the relatively quick calibration process.

As it is approaching Christmas I picked this Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter. It took about 2.5 hours to print on the medium settings.

It turned out really well. Was a bit difficult to get off the base. It tore along the base and I though that this was how it was supposed to work but I (eventually) decided I was breaking it and tried to separate it from the base with a thin knife which worked much better. A bit of super glue and it was fine.

The final product

I made cookies with my daughter and they turned out really well. I'd put a picture up but they are all gone.