Angular 2 - styleUrls - can't use absolute urls

tl;dr can't use absolute urls for styleUrls

there is an issue open for it

question on SO

Quick note on something I've notice when defining Angular 2 component metadata.

  selector: 'my-dashboard',
  templateUrl: '/templates/dashboard.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['../css/dashboard.component.css']

templateUrl work as you would expect and can be defined absolutely or relatively.

styleUrls on the other hand do not. The seem to be relative to the app.component.ts or main.ts file.

For example the above @component definition works with this folder structure of my public folder served by my express server:

+ app
  - main.ts
  + dashboard
    - dashboard.component.ts
+ css
  - dashboard.component.css
+ templates
  - dashboard.component.html

+ folder, - file

The server resolves the template absolutely but it looks like Angular 2 does some parsing before hitting the server for the css file.